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Το ψήφισμα διαμαρτυρίας προς την Eurocop με τελικούς αποδέκτες το Ευρωπαϊκό Κοινοβούλιο και την Ευρωπαϊκή Επιτροπή

poasyAthens, 10th of March 2016
Ref. no.: 600/9/106
To: Eurocop
Cc:1) European Parliament
     2) European Commission

Dear Colleagues,

Resolution Protest

The Greek police forces assembled today, February 5, 2016 in Kolokotroni Square in Athens, expressing the universal demand for a governmental policy that puts an end to the social devaluation and work weakening. We protest for the inhuman provisions assigned to the previous and the new memorandum and we demand from the state to handle the matter of public safety as a national priority. Our protest is a pure, democratic claim of our fair requests. It is a life struggle aiming to the effectiveness of the Uniformed Forces in a period characterised by uncertainty over Europe.

The government must be aware of the following:

1) We have suffered from the enforcement of unjust economic measures since 2010 and although the verdict was reached in our favour by the Council of State in 2014, we still expect our total wage recovery.

2) We express our deep disagreement on the issue of the pension reform that the Government allegedly promotes, since the latter not only does not take into account our occupational hazards, but also forwards new provisions that result in new cuts in our salaries and pensions.

3) Our pension funds were slashed by 360 millions, per the PSI requirement, consequently the fruits of labour of generations were lost overnight. To start with, our occupational pension funds (Occupational Insurance Sector of Hellenic Constabulary [TEAEX], Occupational Insurance Sector of Greek Police Officers [TEΑΥΑΠ] & Occupational Insurance Sector of Fire Service [TEAΥΠΣ]) were channelled, unconstitutionally, into the Unified Auxiliary Insurance Fund (ETEA) with its deficits. Following that, our welfare pension funds(Welfare Fund of Police Officers [ΤΠΑΣ], Police Civil Servants Welfare Fund [TΠΥΑΠ], Fire Service Welfare Fund [TΠΥΠΣ]& Hellenic Coast Guard Aid Fund [ΤΑΛΣ]) were scandalously transferred to an under-formation-new body, obviously, with a view to further cutting the lump sums we are entitled to receive when we reach retirement age, as well as, the reserve funds which undeniably constituted the insurance contributions of uniformed officers and were meant to ensure the sustainability of the pension funds, without burdening the state budget. Furthermore, the dividends of our Pension Funds (Hellenic Army Pension Fund [ΜΤΣ], Marine Equities Fund [ΜΤΝ], Civil Servants Pension Organization [ΜΤΠΥ]) have been severely cut, with reductions reaching 50%, without, however, their sustainability being secured, while there has been a reduction of 40% in the one-off allowances, which have been suspended since September 2013,by the Public Employees' Welfare Fund.

4) The Hellenic Police and the Hellenic Fire Service as well as the Hellenic Coast Guard have been severely abandoned to their fate. Sponsorships and private donations, held by both physical and legal persons, contribute financially to equipment need.

5) We are experiencing along with our fellow citizens the destruction of the welfare state, the Healthcare and Education system. The austerity and the declining standard of living we are facing are incompatible with the concepts of professionalism and high quality services Greek society is asked to provide.

6) We are in solidarity with our fellow citizens in their struggles and we embrace their peaceful protests. As common citizens of this country, we experience the same problems and we share the same concerns for the future. The Uniformed Forces are and should be a body that functions according to the principles democracy requires. As statutory bodies, we call on the Greek Government not to force us to clash with society.

Taking all the above reasons into consideration, we request from the State:

• to strengthen the effectiveness of the public safety forces, without imposing further cuts,

• to implement our wage recovery according to the Council of State's verdict,

• to establish a unified insurance sector,

• to save insurance funds and return the reserve funds,

• to provide decent wages and pensions.

The governement should be aware of the fact that we struggle:

• for the defense of our members' rights,

• for our dignity,

• to continue to provide the right to public safety.

We have reached the end of our tether. We claim back our rights to descent life and we refuse to be reduced to destitute creatures.

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